What can you expect from the HG Phonics Club?

1st and 2nd grade teachers, this one is for you!

The HG Phonics club was created to make your life easier. We know how difficult it can be to find quality resources and create engaging lesson plans. That's why we've done the work for you! Within the club, you're a click away from phonics, decoding, word work, reading comprehension, and fluency activities. Plus, you'll be a part of a supportive community of 1st and 2nd grade teachers who understand the challenges you face.

Ready to make your life easier?!?

Reading Activities

HUNDREDS of Ready-to-use printable activities that are no prep and ready to implement right away!


A SUPPORTIVE community of teachers who understand the challenges of teaching reading! 


Tired of feeling like you're winging it when it comes to guided reading? We have the support you need!



As an HG Phonics Club Member your price will NEVER change and you'll have access to all resources in our growing library! New activities are uploaded weekly!

  • Decoding Drills 
  • Word Work
  • Fluency Passages
  • Decodable Readers
  • Phonics Games and Crafts
  • Phonics Rules Google Slides (We're working on these now!)
  • Members only Facebook Group

How does the HG Phonics Club work?


As long as you remain a member, you will have access to ALL fluency activities in our growing library. We add activities weekly/monthly! We're currently working on Phonics Rules Powerpoint and Google Slides. 


You can cancel at any time!

HG Phonics Club Scope and Sequence and Skills Included

The HG Phonics Club includes the following activities for each phonics pattern...  

All you have to do is print and you're ready to go! 

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Decoding Drills

Each decodable includes decodable words, nonsense words, sentences, and a short story.

Decodable Readers

Print, fold, and these decodable readers are ready to go. Perfect for guided reading groups!

Phonics Brochures

Each brochure focuses on a phonics skill while reinforcing fluency and comprehension. 

Phonics Games

Practice decoding but also have fun! These games are perfect for partner work or centers. My students beg to play these games!

Get UP And Move Word Sorts

Tape the words around the classroom for a fun scavenger hunt or let small guided reading groups find the pattern, sort, then write and read the words. 

Phonics Fast Reads

Use these decoding drills with individual students, as a warm up in guided reading, or send them home to practice. All you have to do is print, fold, and they are ready to go! Each fast read includes real and nonsense words. 

Word Work

These word work activities are perfect extra practice! They're also great in a literacy station/center. I've also used these sheets as morning work. Find it, Frame it is a FAVORITE in my classroom!  

Mix and Match Centers

This game is perfect to use in your literacy centers! Students read and match each word to the picture. This can also be used as a fun game of memory!

Write the Room Task Cards

Hang these task cards around your classroom and students will have a blast reading and writing words with the phonics pattern. The more advanced phonics patterns include sentences. 


Who doesn't love a fun craft that includes writing sentences with the phonics pattern! These crafts are perfect for a Friday activity to review the phonics pattern learned that week! 

Color by Code

We added these color by codes as an optional activity that can be used in literacy centers, as morning work, or even an activity for fast finishers. 

Dots and Boxes

A no-prep, print and go partner activity! This is a classic game with an educational twist. Students will have fun while practicing reading and writing words with the phonics pattern. 

Phonics Rules Presentations

We're working on Phonics Rules activities right now and new presentations will be added throughout the next few months. These presentations teach students the phonics pattern and give them the opportunity to use a white board or paper and practice! 



Hi, I'm Hollie, and teaching students to read is my passion! My goal is to serve and support you as we work together to give our students everything they need to be successful readers and writers. 

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Are you an educator or active in the school system? If so, don't miss this incredible opportunity to partner with us and make a difference. The HG Phonics Club provides invaluable literacy resources for students and teachers - plus it’s also rewarding financially! By talking to your principal and teacher friends, then making a sale through our program will earn you a 10% commission. It's truly win-win!

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